General Lens Care Watch Outs

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Do not sleep in your lenses unless your doctor says it’s OK. Your corneas need to breathe overnight.

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Keep a backup pair of glasses just in case.

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Avoid showering, swimming or going into a hot tub while wearing your lenses.

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Don’t forget to schedule a yearly eye exam.

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More then 20 years we have been selling contact lenses, making us one of the best and modern providers of contact lenses. Our contact lens selection includes premium name brands and only the high quality lenses, as well as the last new releases, always at a fair price.

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Latest product innovations

Not sure if you should wear contact lenses? We can find contacts for any eyes, thanks to innovations in the field.

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Where do I start with contacts?

We help you pick out contact lenses and try on. The first step is always an eye test and a contact lens consultation.

Contact lenses FAQs
Ask us about contacts

If you have a question or you need consultation please get in touch with us and our professional team will help you.

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The right contacts for your lifestyle

Find out what type of contact lenses are right for you, and the benefits which they can bring.

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